The Great Frog - Ganton Street

The Great Frog was established in 1972, they came out of Carnaby Street after the 60s offering a rock 'n' roll alternative to mainstream jewellery which catered to the emerging subcultures of heavy metal, rock 'n' roll, rockers, punks and bikers. This style is heavily represented in the refurbishment we carried out in the later months of 2020 and completing the full refurb in early 2021.

The style of The Great Frog is not only heavily represented by their unique jewellery, but in every aspect of the grade II listed building, establishing authenticity in every turn. The refurbishment started in the basement of the building and stripping the building back to the original brickwork and restoring the building to grade II regulations. We restored the sash windows which is delicate work and we took extra care to preserve the delicate history of the windows. In true Great Frog style, black joinery was installed throughout the building to display their astounding jewellery with personalised hardware on cabinet doors and in their jewellery workshop. A large skylight resembling a spiders web is positioned above more jewellery cabinets creating an amazing effect. A sloped arch window takes place on the ground floor allowing visitors and staff to see a glimpse of what the lower floor has to offer.

The history of this building is nothing short of spectacular - the building dates back to pre-1820, becoming a shop during the 1820s as part of the re-development of the area. Being a listed building of grade II, much care and attention are needed when restoring such an iconic part of architectural heritage. Not only does the building which houses The Great Frog date back to incredible history - but they also have legendary clients such as; Led Zepplin, Lady Gaga, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Cameron Diaz and Meatloaf, among other well known and loved idols. 

The was an incredible restoration and the intricate details throughout this project put its own iconic mark that adds to the amazing history of 10 Ganton Street.