Queensgate Terrace


In this listed building was a single level apartment- after initial investigations, the architect discovered that on the removal of the existing ceiling there would be a double-height space.

Before this could be fully realised services supplying other properties within the building had to be re-routed without affecting the other tenants and on completion of that a mezzanine area was constructed.

The lower area was equipped with a kitchen, living and dining area and the upper area with a bedroom, dressing area and glass-floored shower.

This project was particularly complex, we had to install steel beams within the floor structure so that the double-height mezzanine space could be supported, once these beams within the floor were installed we then added the steel structure to create the living space. The larger timber structure was created using reclaimed sea beams, originally part of a seaside pier, which was sourced by architect Hamish Hereford (Hogarth Architects), these were also the foundation for the internal staircase.

We created a unique terrace on the main balcony with reclaimed oak for the decks, seating areas and planting boxes and converted a small room off the main staircase into a unique studio to be used by the client's children for weekends

All the furniture was handcrafted within our workshops. A really unusual request was to make a flat wooden pendant light that recessed into the ceiling, which is operated by the use of a tennis court brass handle and brass wires, this would then convert the space under the main bedroom to a dining area

The lighted cornice was created using the existing cornice which was reconfigured to house the led lighting. The project was finished off with mirrored walls and gloss polished chemical resin acoustic floor.